On 24th June 2019 we celebrated our 50th anniversary.  P H Beck LTD was formed by Philip Beck in 1969.  Philip retired in 2015 and the company was taken over by Neil Haughton and Mark Dennison.

Over the last few years we have changed the way we work, introducing new ways of working with our existing and new clients and updating our technology and processes to ensure an excellent long working relationship.  We pride ourselves in building positive relationships with all of our clients and are committed to satisfying and delighting our customers by providing them with high quality works continual improvement.  We will endeavor to always update and understand the requirements of our jobs and the systems and procedures that sustain us, employing quality teams, training, and increased responsibility and accountability for employees.

Our dedication to quality must be absolute and cannot be compromised. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction through quality.  Our company was founded on quality, integrity, and hard work, and today we operate with those same values and guiding principles.